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Rabu, 28 November 2012



Once upon a time there was a girl called Cinderella. She lived with her stepsisters. They were very bossy. They made Cinderella do all the housework.One

Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Beauty. She lived with her father and her sisters in a small village.
Beauty was a beautiful girl. She was also hard-working. She always helped her father on the farm.
One day, her father set out for the city. He saw an old castle and went in. No-one was in but there was food on the table. Then he walked around the castle. He picked a rose from garden for Beauty. Suddenly an angry Beast appeared. He wanted to kill Beauty’s father unless Beauty was brought to him.

Budi Pekerti (bahasa jawa)

Nuwuhake Rasa Tepa Slira lan Andhap Asor

                Budi pekerti inggih menika induk ing etika, tatakrama, tata asusila, lan tingkah laku becik ing masyarakat. Rasa tepa slira lan andhap asor menika sami sareng budi pekerti.  Pramila kita perlu gadhahi sifat Budi pekerti. Inggih menika di nanemaken dening putra wayah. Ingkang awalipun di nanemake saking kaluarga saklajeng ipun wonten ing sekolah lan masyarakat.

Senin, 26 November 2012

Sebagian Dari Kalian

Sebagian dari Anda, pasti ada yang perokok. Ada yang perokok berat, ada pula perokok ringan. Saya rasa Anda sudah pernah mendengar bahwa merokok itu berbahaya bagi kesehatan. Hal itu malah ditulis jelas di bungkus rokok yang Anda beli. Tapi mungkin Anda tidak pernah menghiraukan, karena bagi sebagian orang rokok boleh jadi merupakan bagian kenikmatan hidup. Banyak orang yang merasa belum bisa berpikir kalau belum merokok. Malah ada yang tidak bisa bekerja kalau belum merokok. Kalau tidak, kepala bisa pening, begitu alasan mereka.

Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Frente Bizzare Love Triangle

Every time I think of you
I get a shot right through into a bolt of blue
Its no problem of mine but its a problem I find
Living a life that I cant leave behind
Theres no sense in telling me
The wisdom of a fool wont set you free

One Direction - Gotta Be You

Girl I see it in your eyes
You’re disappointed.
Cause I’m the foolish one that you anointed with your heart
I tore it apart
And girl what a mess I made upon your innocence
And no woman in the world deserves this
But here I am asking you for one more chance

Jessi J - Price Tag

Seems like everybody’s got a price
I wonder how they sleep at night
When the sale comes first and the truth comes second
Just stop for a minute and smile
Why is everybody so serious?
Acting so damn mysterious
You got your shades on your eyes and your heels so high